About the UL HPC users GPU programming challenge category

Greetings UL HPC users!

This forum is designed specifically for UL HPC users to share and discuss coding challenges they encounter in their projects. Whether you’re facing memory limitations, complex computational tasks, or any other distributed coding roadblocks, this forum is the perfect platform to seek assistance and find innovative solutions.

Here, you can post your coding challenges, even if they’re not well-defined.

We understand that sometimes a problem might be difficult to articulate or requires brainstorming. Instead of opening a ticket for such challenges, bring them here, and let’s collaborate to find the best way forward.

Examples of challenge you can post include:

  • Strategies for running thousands of experiments as efficiently as possible
  • Dealing with GPU memory limitations when working with PyTorch
  • Exploring techniques for utilizing multiple GPUs effectively

By participating in this forum, you’ll enjoy several benefits:

  • Knowledge Enhancement: Our community members possess diverse expertise and can offer insights, code solutions, and workarounds to help you overcome your challenges.
  • Shaping Teaching Activities: Your challenges will inform the development of UL HPC documentation, UL HPC School , and other educational initiatives. Your input will shape the future of our teaching activities.
  • Infrastructure Investment: Understanding the challenges you face will guide us in making informed decisions about the right platform investments, ensuring that your needs are met.

We encourage you to actively participate, share your challenges, and contribute to ongoing discussions. Together, we can foster a collaborative and supportive environment that accelerates your progress and benefits the entire UL HPC community.

Share us your current coding challenge, and let’s push the boundaries of high-performance computing together!

Best regards,

Pierrick Pochelu PhD - High Level Support Team (HLST)